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Monday, November 22, 2004

More on Kundalini Yoga

I'm tired of green font.

Last week's yoga class focused on the second chakra, commonly referred to as the womb/sacral chakra. This chakra is associated with blame and guilt, money and sex, power and control. It also, obviously, controls the reproductive organs.

The thought to think on any "in" breath was "I am free to be me." The thought to think on any "out" breath was "I am worthy of love." Again, a lot to try to remember when I was doing each posture - or move - and not let my mind wander, or concentrate on the intense pain the move was causing my hands and wrists. Since I am a massage therapist by day, my hands and wrists are always a little sore, or at the least, more sensitive than usual. Many of the yoga moves require me to hold myself up, perched on my wrists and feet. NOT A NORMAL THING. So, I do the best I can, focus on the words, thoughts and breathing, and move on.

So far, other than getting me out of the house for 2 hours, I can't say that doing yoga has changed anything in me, yet. I sleep slightly better on Wednesday nights, and that's about it. I think maybe I'll have more luck with the third chakra next week; this one is associated with fear, sensitivity to criticism (a HUGE issue for me - and my fragile writer's ego) and self confidence. Maybe I'll have a melt down.


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