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Saturday, November 06, 2004

Larry - thanks for the inspiration!

An e-mail response from a high school classmate prompted me to start my own blog. He had asked me in his response if I had a blog - I admitted to him that I didn't even know what one was, and of what use they could be! So, I started poking around on the internet, found "Blogger" and just started reading. It didn't take much to convince me that this method of communication was so much more efficient than e-mail. Firstly, I have a large family, and each of them have e-mail with various and sundry file size restrictions, filters, etc., so sending recent photographs, or trying to send internet links was sometimes frustratingly stymied. It looks like I can post all sorts of things to my blog that anyone in my family will be able to access. Secondly, I am an aspiring writer, and from the quick reading that I did, it looks like blogging can be as profitable, if not more so, than hiring an agent! Wow! My fragile writer's ego aside, I need to help feed my family, ensure their future security, and to feel that I am using my talents for which I have been preparing all my life. I want so much more than to just show up for work.

The high school classmate who asked about my blog is living the life that he was destined to live - with passion, direction and a solid future. I knew then, in high school, that he would never, ever just show up for work. He penned a short paragraph in my senior year book that I have never forgotten - I've clung to his words in times of my worst angst: "...you represent light in a world of damp wood. I know you will "be" and I am glad for that."

Larry - thank you so much for being the light - whether you knew it then or not, and for turning me on to the world of blogging!


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