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Monday, November 22, 2004

Just one of many reasons to get published!

I am not a morning person. Yes, I will get up with the alarm, am awake and fairly civil immediately, and will get ready and go to work. I JUST DON'T LIKE IT. I like mornings at home, sipping coffee, working on the computer and puttering around the house.

I've worked "outside the home" since I was 14 years old. Gee, since I am 43, that makes 29 years in the work force. Sigh. Having to get up, get ready, battle traffic, and then battle corporate America for 8 or more hours a day just sucked the life right out of me. Somewhere along the way, my drive, dedication and work ethic just disappeared. Vanished. I was the type of bright-eyed employee who gave 110% (was) and wanted to please my superiors. (oh, gag) My last few years in corporate America saw me shirking as much work as possible, coming into work as late as possible, taking long LONG lunches, and leaving work early. My department was on forced overtime for YEARS, and it was no secret that I LOATHED it, despised it, and resented it. There were those in my department who loved the overtime - loved the money, loved not having to be home, I suppose.

NOT ME. If I NEVER had to leave my house, I would be supremely happy. Once, during those years of forced overtime HELL, I used a grocery service. Order online, and THAT day, or whatever day you wanted, your food was delivered! WOW! Great service - cost a fortune, and like most people, I had the money then, but not the time to shop. So I paid them to do it for me. Had a housekeeper, too. Spent a small fortune on those two services, as well as another fortune on day care for my young son. Being able to be with my son was one of the primary reasons that I left my "cushy" (yeah, right) job of 20 years.

Now I am able to take my son to school, pick him up, take him to his orthodontist appointments and other appointments, all without having to consult (beg) the mighty oracle (my supervisor du jour) to take the time off, or leave early.

HOWEVER, the job I have now is only a means to an end. I make some money, not enough, and work for a Type-A personality doctor, who encourages NO independent thought. Sigh. The end being a published-making-money-so-I-don't-have-to-leave-the-house-writer. Now THAT is what I want. Why is it, though, that when I tell anyone that I AM a writer, and working to be published, they have an at-the-ready fire hose to douse my dreams/plans, hmm? Is it jealousy? Is it that I view the world through a different set of perspectives - like - POSSIBILITIES? "Oh, a writer? THAT takes YEARS." "Oh, a writer? MOST people NEVER break through or make ANY money."

Those kinds of statements really piss me off - and remind me not to cast my pearls before swine. I have finished a book that I have been writing for over a year. It's called "Clueless in the Left Lane." It's a book about manners and common courtesy. NO, not the pinky-extended, fussy mussy types of manners, but the kind of manners that oil and smooth out relationships. I will be posting segments of it to my blog. I have ordered how-to-get-published-from-your-blog-books from my local library (I would leave the house to go there, and ONLY there) and am looking forward to learning what it takes to get published. I ordered the 2004 65-pound Writer's Market book to learn what it takes to get published. Gee, I don't HAVE 5 years to read it.

So, I will use my anger, my job ennui, and my desire to NEVER leave the house as the catalysts to become published. Just you watch!!!!!!!!!!


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